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Terms & Conditions


These can never be guaranteed given the necessary source material may be missing, destroyed, damaged, incomplete or illegible.  

Every family tree is different, some will be easier and quicker to trace than others.  Consequently, it is not possible to predict results and timeframes exactly.

Where results cannot be established, this will be stated in your report along with the sources checked.

The research undertaken will always try to provide proof of lineage via multiple sources.  Once back to the early 1800s, this still remains the target but essentially becomes more difficult the further back in time we go (as fewer sources survive).  Research will continue while "proof beyond reasonable doubt" is achievable.  Once we are down to just a "balance of probability" then this will be clearly stated in your report and research will normally stop once at this point.

Where copies of original sources are being used, the accuracy of such 3rd party transcriptions cannot be guaranteed.

Refund Policy

Full refunds are available prior to any paid research starting, pro-rota thereafter.    

Once research has started and a significant obstacle to progress is encountered, work will be suspended and options discussed with you.  You may, if you wish, chose to have your payment, minus research costs to-date, refunded.  Depending on the extent of progress prior to that point you may wish for your report and family tree to be produced prior to your refund.


Generations Back Ltd does not share or sell any customer personal data, including names, addresses, e-mail accounts etc to any 3rd party.  It may only use such data to occasionally advise you of its own products and services.

Any personal data collected during the enquiry, application, payment and research stages are held in secure computer systems or document storage.

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