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Research Options

Choose between “pay as you go” research or one of our fixed price packages.

Pay As You Go

“Pay as you go” allows you to break the research into smaller chunks of work, with results provided at the end of each stage.  This way you can assess progress and decide where you would like research to concentrate next.  The value and frequency of instalments can be varied and there is no need to agree the number of instalments at the start.  

This option is ideal for pre-1800 research.

Research can equally be undertaken for one-off budgets.  

It may be you would like to know the total cost of achieving a particular research goal.  That's ok, an all inclusive price can be provided.


Your family history will be researched back to the early 19th or late 18th century for each family name required (to c.1850 in the Starter Package).

You might be interested in just your father’s or mother’s surname (1 line option), both your father’s and mother’s surnames (2 lines) or maybe the surnames of all 4 of your grandparents (4 lines).  There is also the option to trace all your ancestry (all lines).

If your requirements don’t match one of our fixed packages, then please ask for a quotation or try our “pay as you go” option.  

Customers interested in tracing a surname back as far as possible, can begin with one of the package options.  However, once research gets back beyond the late 18th century, “pay as you go”  research becomes more suitable.  This is because it is very difficult to know at the outset how far a family line can be traced.

Report Options

Choose from 3 different report types

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